Mask Protocol at the Kerry Wood Nature Centre

We want your kids to be able to safely play and learn together. We want them to be able to share space and interact; to have as normal a childhood experience as possible. Without masks we are required to keep your kids two metres apart from each other at all times. That means they can play and learn near each other but not truly with each other. Two metres of spacing means they can’t collaboratively build, can’t easily share their discoveries, can’t really be with each other.

We are committed to keeping you and your kids as safe as we possibly can. We are equally committed to providing a full experience to our participants.

Given these factors, our mask protocol will now require all individuals who attend any of our programs to wear masks, including programs that take place outside in the Gaetz Lakes Sanctuary or on the Fort Normandeau grounds. This mask protocol will apply to anyone registered in preschool, day camps, public programs, interpreter-led birthday parties, visiting school programs, and workshops. We will continue to work with physical distancing guidelines—adding masks merely increases our flexibility for cooperative play and discovery.

All public-facing staff and volunteers will continue our policy of wearing masks.

If you choose to wear disposable masks, please remember to cut the strings before putting your mask in the garbage can.

Posted October 15 2020