Snowshoe Rentals

snowshoe rental rates

Price per hour
(or portion thereof)

Price per day
(or portion thereof)

Individual Rental

$5.00 + GST

$12.00 + GST

Group Rental
(5 or more pairs)

$4.00 + GST

$8.00 + GST

  • All prices shown are per pair of snowshoes.
  • Adult and child size snowshoes are available (same cost for both sizes).
  • Snowshoe rentals are assigned on a first-come first-served basis.
  • Please phone 403-346-2010 ahead to make sure we have your desired snowshoes available, especially if you are renting for a large group.
  • Snowshoes must only be used on adequate snow cover (at least 2 inches of snow, not on roads, rocks, roots, or bare ground).
  • Snowshoes must be worn with proper footwear (no high heels).
  • Lost or damaged snowshoes must be paid for at a cost of $175.00 per pair of snowshoes or $30.00 for lost or damaged harness.
  • Late fees will apply on all late returns.
  • For more information, please phone 403-346-2010.

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