Forget the Box

Just Think Outside.

Our mission is to engage our community in our natural environment and cultural heritage through interpretation and education.

Have an Adventure

The Kerry Wood Nature Centre and Historic Fort Normandeau provide fun, educational programs and workshops for all ages.

Programs at The Nature Centre
Programs at Fort Normandeau

Host an Event

Whether it is a business meeting with your peers or a wedding ceremony in a picturesque park, celebrate the way you want with us. The Kerry Wood Nature Centre and historic Fort Normandeau offer a range of different settings for your special event or meeting.

Site Rentals at The Nature Centre
Site Rentals at Fort Normandeau

Green Deer

Green Deer encourages all residents of Red Deer to pick up litter and "leave it better than you found it!"

Participating in Green Deer is a great way to build social connections and give back to your community—not to mention both the physical and mental benefits of spending time outside!

The Green Deer Spring Cleanup Campaign is on from March 21 to May 31. During this time, residents pick up litter anywhere in Red Deer at their own pace.

The Red Deer River Cleanup is on Saturday, June 4. On this day, volunteers meet at the Kerry Wood Nature Centre then pick up litter along pre-determined routes near the river and waterways.

Both events are family-friendly and have prizes for volunteers!

Spring Cleanup Campaign Registration Form
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